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HOw Can We help You Grow?

web design for small businesses, entrepreneurs, & nonprofits

Hands Off Digital Marketing for Mt. Airy Businesses

how about you only spend 30 minutes a month on your digital marketing with someone who knows the community

Entry Level websites for Entrepreneurs

take the guesswork out of building your website with a hands on consultant who knows the tools, the lingo, and next steps for online success

Affordable Website Design for Nonprofits

avoid changing website and social media services by sticking with an website team that keeps you on brand, and offers discounts to nonprofits

We’re a local website team that’s looking to assist businesses mainstream their digital marketing. We’d like to reduce the time you spend on digital marketing with a one-stop shop that’s affordable.

For the Busy Business Owner

Web Design

Feel Confident About Your Website Content • Know That Your Website Matches The High Quality Of Your Business • Create Clear Paths For People To Do Business With You​

Social Media

Lean Into Our Curated Social Media Content • Achieve Clarity In What Styles Of Social Media Are Most Effective • Discover Trends In Your Social Media Performance

Attract Leads

Uncover The Content Your Customers Want To Read On Your Website ​ • Gain The Visitors Who Are Primed Leads ​• Ramp Up Your Content To Show You're The Industry Expert​

For the Entrepreneur

Web Design

Know What To Put On Your Website • Stop Guessing About What To Do Online • Stop Doing All the Things & Let Us Take Something Off Your Plate • Scale Your Website As You Scale Your Business

Tool Integration

Avoid Decision Fatigue By Us Helping You Choose Your Tools & Features • We'll Integrate Them For You • Our Tool Bundling Saves you $$$

Expert Advice

Ever Wish You Could Talk With A Person About WHAT To Put On Your Website? Our Website Services Include Consultations and Advice for Online Business Matters

For NonProfit Organizations

Web Design, Social Media, & News

While You're Busy Fundraising, We're Busy Keeping You Looking Good Online • We Make a Stellar Website That Encourages People To Join Your Cause • Don't Let Social Media Suck Your Valuable Time

Your Brand

Maintain Your Brand's Image Online Consistently • Trust Us to Keep Your Image Strong To The Public Instead of Volunteers Who Might Need to Take a Break From Serving


We Know Your Website Makes Your Organization Look Good But It Also Needs to Take Donations • We Help You Take Donations And Invite People To Get Involved In Other Ways

how we save you time

websites, social media, and SEO can be black holes for small business


You don’t have to piecemeal your marketing.

All Your Marketing Is Done In One Place In One Transaction.

Hand off your marketing to one person.

Talk To One Person. Talk To One Person One Time A Month And Forget About It.

We are experts, and we can alleviate your burden of digital marketing.

We Outsource Our Bookkeeping And Print Needs. Sure We Can Do It Ourselves, But It’s Better To Spend Our Time Doing What We Do Best - Serving Our Valued Customers.

Are We a Good Match

Seymour Digital Marketing + You

You want Profit From Your Website

digital marketing with profit in mind

We know how to create paths that turn
1. visitors into prospective clients
2. prospects into clients, and
3. clients into repeat customers.
Let's make your website (your 24/7 employee) do its job!

You're a Small Business

digital media with small businesses in mind

We love partnering with people who have small businesses. It's core to our mission that quality websites are for EVERY business. We also love helping people grow their websites in a way that matches their business growth

A Few Employees

digital media with people in mind

A little goes a long way! We enjoy working with companies who have a smaller staff and more of a family feel. As an intentionally small company, we value what you value.

You want Peace in your marketing

digital media with peace in mind

We take digital marketing responsibilities off your shoulders. Yes, you can sigh in relief now that it's not on you. Time to take it off your to-do-list!

how we save you Money

The trend says that small businesses spend about 5% of their gross earnings on digital marketing.


Don’t Bleed Away Your Profit with random subscriptions.

We Can Offer You One Monthly Fee That Will Eliminate Useless Transactions And Services.

Our packages are competitive pricing.

By Working With Us For Your Marketing Needs We Can Be Efficient And Pass Those Savings To You.

Change happens.

If You Need To Change Your Package Plan To Match Your Business Flow, We Will Meet You Where You Are.